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Eliona Pasku | About
Eliona Pasku | About
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Phone: +1(407) 280-5398

Email: elionapasku@gmail.com

Eliona Pasku has been professionally working as an architect from February 2005. She has been involved in a diverse range of projects such as residential (single and multifamily), commercial centers, city urban planning, partial urban studies, touristical villages projects, reconstruction, interior design of villas, apartments, shops, restaurants, etc. She studied architecture engineering in American University of Athens in Greece. She was graduated in 2004 with the title Magna Cum Laude. She was appasionated by the graphic design, free hand drawings and maths.

Her career as architect started in Athens. She worked for several commercial, residential and touristical projects, as well as reconstruction of old building. Supervising construction works was her first experience as a site architect in 2005 -2006. She worked in Cambridge, UK for couple of months where she gained a culture of working with standards, with accurate design and team spirit. The enthusiasm to turn back in her country and to give her contribution in architecture was enormous.

Being inspired by British architects she shared her experience in Albania where she was involved in big projects being part as an architect of a team or as a team leader. Her career grew up in two companies where her abilities were concentrated in designing, supervision and project managing. She started to work on her own in 2012. She focused her work on interior design. It was a challenge to handle alone all the responsibilities of an architecture work, starting from the design to supervision of construction works, till the implementation of the project.

Today, she has a great experience in survey and study before starting an architectural project, in designing of interior and exterior architectural drawings, in quality surveillance regarding materials and their applications, in offer analysis, in preparing as-built drawings, in coordination of implementation of arch. works, in managing client requirements, in preparation of architectural packages for building approvals and tender as well.